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5 Ways to Influence Sales Motivation

To optimize your sales force, you need to have a highly-motivated team bringing their "A game" day in and day out. Often times, it's up to the sales managers to make sure their team maintains this positive and results-driven attitude on a daily basis. According to...


Topic: 4-Part Prospecting for Leads like a Pro Program
Intake: March 2018
Total sessions: 4

Prospecting is one of the keys to your sales success. Keeping your pipeline full ensures that you will continue to attract new business, and so your success today is a result of the prospecting you did six months ago. In this 4- part course, you will become skilled at prospecting and learn the 80/20 rule. After this course, you will know who to target and how to target them, and commit to do some prospecting every day through warming up cold calls, following up on leads, or networking. You will also build your personal prospecting plan and learn how to ensure your future by planting seeds daily.

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Salt & Pepper Academy is the sales training division under Best Events Services. 

We recognize that there is usually a misallignment between sales and marketing and events teams especially when headed by different individuals. We are here to close the gap.

A crucial weakness exists in most sales companies seminars: the initial excitement whipped up by charismatic speakers soon wears off leaving attendees several hundred or thousand dollars poorer and selling just as little as before. We want to offer sales professionals a more effective, affordable sales training mode.

Our online sales training programs are designed so that you benefit from learning exciting new sales strategies you can start using immediately at your convenience. 

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